7 working steps to a stable, physiological mandibular position in 7 weeks


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  1. Diagnostics | DROS® Centric bite relation record | FAL evaluation | API/CPI

  2. Fitting of DROS® I - splint | Relaxation

  3. Fitting of DROS®  II - splint | Adjustment and stabilisation

  4. First Check-up | Tin foil check and fine adjustment

  5. Second check-up | Fine adjustment

  6. Third check-up | Fine adjustment

  7. Final bite relation record API/CPI | stable condylar position (SCP)

After stable occlusion has been achieved, a functional and aesthetic wax-up is prepared. This forms the basis for subsequent prosthetic or orthodontic preparation of the teeth, if this is still necessary.

The minimally invasive reconstruction is done using metal-free, high-quality prosthetic material such as veneers, ceramic partial crowns or zircon crowns.