TMD self-test

“Is your bite right?”


Do you have toothache, paradontosis and sensitive teeth?      
Do you clench or grind your teeth or do you have shortened teeth?   
Do you feel that something about your bite is just not right?                         
Do you have pain in your jaw or jaw joint,
perhaps a clicking or rubbing noise?                          
Is it sometimes difficult to open your mouth wide?                        
Do you suffer from headaches or migraine?                              

Do you suffer from ringing in the ears or tinnitus?                      

Do you have tension in your neck muscles?                                       

Do you have pain in your neck, shoulders or back?                     
Do you suffer from sleep disorders, tiredness or dizziness?      
The symptoms mentioned above may not necessarily be TMD. Therefore this test is not an alternative to seeking medical advice from an appropriate specialist.

If however you have answered yes to several of these questions, it would be advisable to consult a dentist in your area who is a specialist in TMD (DROS® therapist) in order to ascertain whether TMD may be a possible cause.


What is meant by temporomandibular disorder?


TMD is the name given to a functional disorder of the masticatory system.
The starting point is muscular tension in the masticatory, head or facial muscles. The main risk factors are occlusion disorders and psycho-emotional stress –
“grinding the teeth”

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