TMD – a widespread problem

Functional disorders of the masticatory system are on the increase!

TMD consists of a complex of symptoms affecting people of all ages.
It is thought that over 20% of the population suffer symptoms of TMD which require treatment. These range from grinding the teeth, headache, neck and back pain to migraine and tinnitus.

Causal diagnosis is made more difficult by the wide range of different symptoms throughout the body, which at first glance do not seem related to mastication.

In the case of TMD visit your dentist, the “occlusion therapist”

In the case of pain and symptoms for which no cause can be found, it is therefore advisable to consult a dentist specialising in functional diagnostics and temporomandibular joint therapy. This occlusion therapist should also work with other specialists and co-therapists such as physiotherapists and osteopaths to enable optimal and interdisciplinary treatment of this complex of symptoms.


What is meant by temporomandibular disorder?


TMD is the name given to a functional disorder of the masticatory system.
The starting point is muscular tension in the masticatory, head or facial muscles. The main risk factors are occlusion disorders and psycho-emotional stress –
“grinding the teeth”

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