The DROS® - splint is a diagnostic and therapeutic maxillary bite guard. It is manufactured individually to a high standard by a certified dental laboratory.

Definition and working mechanism of the DROS® splint

Diagnostic | Diagnostics

Relaxing | The relaxation phase works primarily to relax myogenic structures in the masticatory system

Orientating | Orientation phase enables realignment of the mandible (lower jaw)

Stabilising occlusal splint | Stabilisation phase with the therapeutic goal of a stable condylar position (SCP)

Phase I                                                               Phase II

Therapy is done in 2 phases:

1. Relaxation phase (DROS® I splint )
2. Orientation and stabilisation phase (DROS® II splint)

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What is meant by temporomandibular disorder?


TMD is the name given to a functional disorder of the masticatory system.
The starting point is muscular tension in the masticatory, head or facial muscles. The main risk factors are occlusion disorders and psycho-emotional stress –
“grinding the teeth”

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