Diagnosis and Therapy – The DROS® concept

Malocclusion – early recognition
Early diagnosis and treatment are important since dysfunction of the teeth and jaw joints can progress causing symptoms to become chronic.

Maxillary bite guard can help!

A functional analysis helps identify the malocclusion and jaw joint malfunction. The aim is restoration of a physiological biting position, i.e. correct interaction of the teeth.

This is made possible by a special plastic maxillary bite guard, the
DROS® splint.

Double action:
In the first phase the splint leads to muscle relaxation thus relieving the
incorrect contact of the teeth.
In the second phase it guides the lower jaw back into its physiological
position. Once the right position is achieved, any additional treatment necessary is given from the new biting position.

A stable, physiological mandibular position in 7 weeks
Physiological occlusion is generally achieved after approx. 7 weeks of treatment with the splint. The splint is worn mostly at night and 1x per week it is checked and adjusted by the
DROS® therapist.

Added value for your health
The standardised therapy concept results in shorter treatment steps, convincing long-term results and considerable cost reductions for patients and health insurers alike. It forms the basis for long-term stabilisation of correct occlusion through subsequent prosthetic or orthodontic measures, if required.

The costs for the approx. seven-week long diagnostic splint therapy concept are around EUR 3,300.
Leading health insurers have already recognised the therapy concept.

Only with certification – the DROS® concept by specialists
The DROS® concept is used only by certified dentists, the DROS® therapists. Preparation of DROS® splints is done only by certified dental labs.


Advantages of a wax-up

A diagnostic wax-up shows the material loss in the “vertical dimension” of each tooth

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