When the teeth
don’t fit together…

                                         Temporomandibular disorder (TMD)

                                              a disease with many faces 


                                        headache                    migraine                                                                dizziness                facial pain                                                                                                                         sleep disorders
                          grinding of teeth       muscle tension    jaw crunching       

                                                     back pain
   ringing in the ears                   tinnitus


                                      THE DROS® CONCEPT

Temporomandibular joint problems – diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the masticatory system using the DROS® splint

The DROS® concept is the first causal diagnostic therapy concept in dentistry for the treatment of functional disorders of the masticatory system. The standardised treatment steps enable a shorter duration of treatment, convincing long-term results and considerable cost reductions for patients and health insurers. The DROS® concept is based upon a maxillary occlusal splint, use of which can in many cases considerably reduce the symptoms of TMD within just a few days. Splint therapy forms the basis for long-term stabilisation of correct occlusion (with stable TMJ positioning) through subsequent prosthetic or orthodontic treatments, if these are still necessary.

Many health insurance companies recognise the DROS® concept!

The DROS® concept is applied exclusively by trained, certified dentists / DROS® therapists


Advanced training for dentists

Advanced training courses for dentists and dental technicians at the GZFA training institute

Become a TMD specialist as a DROS® therapist in your area.
Registration via GZFA 2015
Registration via GZFA 2016

DROS® therapists

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What is meant by temporomandibular disorder?


TMD is the name given to a functional disorder of the masticatory system.
The starting point is muscular tension in the masticatory, head or facial muscles. The main risk factors are occlusion disorders and psycho-emotional stress –
“grinding the teeth”

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Health Insurers

What do health insurers pay in the case of functional disorders of the masticatory system?

The health insurer Württembergische Krankenversicherung is convinced by the causal diagnostic therapy concept – now statutorily insured patients can also enjoy a healthy chewing action …

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